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UFSP Digital Religion(s)

01.-03.06.23: Conference "Gone Digital"

Digital Prophets and Prophets of the Digital

The GoNeDigiTal Conference is hosted by the Global Network for Digital Theology and explores themes of the prophetic in digital cultures, in both global and local contexts.

Each era begets its own prophet; the digital age has seen its fair share. The technological innovation of today is the realisation of the dreams of dreamers who envisioned a different future. Once created, pioneers have explored new vistas of the digital world pushing its limits, and seeing possibilities where others have remained oblivious, indifferent, or sceptical. As the novelty has worn off and digital innovations normalised into the mundanity of (postdigital) life, a new kind of prophet has emerged. Standing at the margins looking beneath the glitzy surface of technological promise, this prophet exposes the suffering, exploitation within as well as the plight of those left behind by the digital revolution. Theirs are the utterances forged from the residues of the stories of old, bringing hope of a different future.

Time and location:
1 - 3 June 2023, online

More information, tickets and program on the evenbrite website.