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URPP Digital Religion(s)

Module B URPP Digital Religion(s)

External Dynamics

The main objectives of Module B – “External Dynamics” are the analysis and understanding of individual and organizational digital practices related to specific social conditions (law, education, health, communication and reputation) in the public space.

This module examines how digital forms of communicative and interactive practice publicly express religious authority and authenticity and render them applicable to questions about ways of living. The perspective of this research module is thus more focused on practices and community building in terms of external communication and interaction and the relevant relationship between the connection to tradition, public claims to interpretation and the associated digitally manifested transformation processes.

In Module B, the fields of law, computational linguistics, religious education and spiritual care as well as communication and media theory work together to identify, analyze and interpret these forms in which "external dynamics" are manifest in terms of their claim to and relevance for public interpretations of meaning and shaping of opinions.